The Tarot

Congratulations- You've found our poorly hidden easter egg page.  If you wanted to know about our tarot card logos, here's the explaination:

Michael Dolan- The Magician
As the founding member, Mike pulled together the rest of the band and serves as a driving force within the group.




Amber Lee Meagher- The Empress
The Earthy nature of the drum suits Amber well.  She watches out for the band's safety and comfort.

Tim Clark- The Hierophant
A longtime Ceremonial Magician, Tim actually owns a hat just like that.



Justin Hunt- The Fool
As the last member to be added to the core lineup, Justin was the final step which allowed the band to truly begin.

Jenna Greene- The High Priestess
Jenna comes to us as a renowned performer in her own right, and brings a dynamic power that compliments Mike's vocals perfectly.



Robert McClung- The Emperor
A fan of prog rock and an exacting producer, Rob is the band's most meticulous and structure minded collaborator.

Carl Nickerson- The Chariot

Coming from a completely different style of music, Carl is a true master who blends seamlessly and has helped carry the band on more than one occasion.