Ballad of Thomas Meagher

This song is about an ancestor of Amber's, and earns a special distinction as the first song that the band wrote all together as a group.


A cold and dreary battlefield, the clouds hung in the sky
A timid man stands at the rear of the fighting 69th
a shot or two of liquid courage, two more to drown the noise
six or seven more until the charge, yelling "Do your duty, boys!"

I'll drink and drink and drink and drink and then I'll drink some more
and when I've had enough to drink, I'll fight your bloody war
I'll drink 'till I'm invincible, and fight until they yield
and then we'll drink to celebrate and pass out on the field

Married to his sweetheart in old America
Left one in Tazmania he'd met along the way
Wrote back home to Ireland from Carysfort to Kent
Said come and join the 69th, there's nothing to lament

I'll drink and drink and drink and drink and then I'll drink some more
and when my ship comes sailing in, I'll meet you at the shore
I'll drink 'till I'm invincible, and fight until they yield
and then we'll drink to celebrate and pass out on the field

I stare into the faces of the men I’m yet to lead.
I wish them strength and courage as they run to do the deed.
As the flag is raised, one more thought floats through my head,
I wish I had a fifth of scotch and my own warm bed.

I'll drink and drink and drink and drink...


Chapel Perilous

Come in my child, take off your coat and stay a while
Sit down my son and tell me everything you've done

You come into this place with only hope upon your face
But wait a moment till you see that this is my reality
Not like before You're not in Kansas anymore
A world apart You're not as think as you smart

Go on now upon your way but do not let your eyes betray
For this is where the path is chose so careful now to choose the road
On one you see what you only think you need
And one that road leads deep into the unknown

of the chapel perilous
the chapel perilous


Hail and Farewell

Back to the place we know so well
the place where we go to return
Taking there with us a bit of the spell
we crafted before we'd adjourned

Merry we meet and merry we part
And meet again merry and well
So we declare at our parting of ways
Bidding you Hail and Farewell

Thanks for the presence that shows that you care
all the words said and unsaid
Thanks for the laughter and sorrow we've shared
and wishing safe journeys ahead

This journey we ride across mountains and oceans
Ride along side with the wind from behind and our flag in the air as we carry on high for we so wish to go where the road ever rise
We've gone far and wide leaving so much unspoken
Wide open country that beckons us through to the homes that we left there with all that we knew when the path isn't clear and we seek out the answer but questions are nothing but breath on the tides...
A breath on the tides and habitual motion
Just to remind the circle is open but never broken

Merry we've met and merry we part
And meet again merry and well
So we declare at our parting of ways
Bidding you Hail and Farewell



Steady Earth below my feet
a roof above and food to eat
a stack of coins to pave the way
the things we need from day to day

From somewhere in our souls a need
to heal the wound or let it bleed
changing as the tidal waves
the path of dreams is Water's way

We dare to pull aside the shade
with coin and chalice and the rod and the blade
see the universe displayed

The intellect helps to protect
to keep emotions all in check
and help interpret all the signs
the Air we breathe cleanses the mind

Then we take the mighty torch
and bring our new beginnings forth
in god's own image we were made
as beings who would dare create



We've been working in the field where all the crops are ripe and the fresh earth stains our hands and fingers brown
Mamma's hard at work boiling jams and jellies on the kitchen stove- there's still flour to be ground
And the north wind blows in setting all the leaves afire in red and gold when summer's over now

Something changes in the air, a faint and subtle change
the walls between the worlds begin to fade
In the field the bonfire rages, in the dark it shines
This is the time outside of time

Set a place beside the door for anything that comes
Food and drink, the finest we can spare
Faerie walk the streets tonight with others who have come
look and you will see them if you dare

It's the last hurrah a time of plenty when we tick away the last few moments of the year
So raise a glass to all that came before you as the wheel turns for just a moment everything is clear

And all around me now I feel the presence of the ancestors
who came before this time
Hospitible, we light a candle lights the way for them to find
thier way through our world tonight

A few stop here a moment, feast on food and drink before them
settle scores collect on debts long due
Say those things we left unsaid, make our peace with favored dead
look for omens, make our vows ring true


Never mind this, Never mind this
Twenty one to hear the news
Twenty times to pay your dues
Nineteen possibilities
Eighteen hidden enemies

Seventeen new hopes for all
Sixteen stories down will fall
Fifteen evils still await
Fourteen ways to show restraint
Thirteen endings to the show
Twelve years waiting more to go
Eleven challenges to solve
Ten more things to be resolved

Nine men living all alone
Eight more chances to attone
Seven roads along the way
Six more couples wed that day
Five commandments gave to man
Four to rule over the land
Three to make a safe retreat
Two to worship at her feet

One to weave the elements
Never mind this, Never mind this

Pluto's Not a Planet Anymore

Nine Roman deities are sitting round a sun
in walks a lone Greek troublemaker out to have some fun
"This party's for the big boys!" Saturn bellowed out
"And we don't need no Greeks around!" Venus had to shout

"Too late, I'm here already" She said, trying to sound bored
and toyed with a golden apple she'd picked up off the floor
the gods began deliberating and chaos soon ensued
the goddess chuckled quietly- interrupting would be rude

Finally, the Romans said "You can stay, but not with us"
"There's something funny going on and you're not one to trust."
"We've set aside a special room just right over there-"
"if any more of you show up, it's big enough to share."

"I think it might be lonely," she said, "sitting by myself"
"Maybe one of you could keep me company as well?"
The gods decided not to argue, if she'd just go away
Besides, Pluto never quite fit in here anyway

Back on Earth, in universities and lecture halls
Acolytes in white coats bickered over Pluto's fall
Astrologers as well, sat to scratch their heads a while
While Eris put her feet up, settled back, and coyly smiled.

At the Standing Stones

Another quiet summer night the perfect time to walk alone
and in the distance up above the looming standing stones
I must have passed this way a hundred thousand times before
and never did I loose the sight behind me of my own front door

A muffled rustle in the grass attracts my curiosity
And pity overcomes my thoughts and gets the best of me
For in the thicket is a white and red eared wild hare
I stoop and free the creature from the confines of a wire snare

The stones are closer now the circle towers on the hill
The summer breeze gives way to sudden unexpected chill
the sound of thunder as a storm approaches in the sky
and with it comes a snow white hound with crimson ears and blackest eyes

And the cold it saps the strength out of my limbs
and the hound he turns his head and begs to follow him
and the storm is now upon me but still I see the light of day
My conciousness abandons me I slip away I slip away

And I awake to find the the sky above is not the one I know
and all around me here the most fantastic flowers grow
There's not a soul in sight I'm lost , bewildered, all alone
The one familiar sight this ring around me of the standing stones

All the way above me do the stones appear to touch the sky
and where the stars should be above a shining point of golden light
The darkness closes in, my breath gives way to nervous pause
unseen but all around me come the sound of hungry teeth and claws

I brace myself as shadows draw themselves up all around
when suddenly the sound of giant wings begins to pound
a monstrous eagle siezes me in feathered claws of lilly white
and makes her way upwards through the stones and to the light

Every year midsummer finds me standing near the stones
on the very spot I woke to find myself awake alone
I leave a bowl of milk and honey, fruit and little cakes
for I know the hills are hollow and some day they may awake

when years had passed and I found myself as an old man
I return again in midsummer to the the place that I now stand
to find I'm not alone this time- a woman's waiting there
with palest skin and tangled locks of vibrant scarlet hair

she knows me like I know myself, for a moment I'm struck dumb
But still I know enough to never ask where she is from
She takes my hand and leads me to the ring of standing stones
I follow her and know enough to ask not where we go...


Original Pagan

Christmas lights already up, not even thanksgiving yet
red and green as far as the eye can see
My neighbor burns a yule log underneath the mistletoe
and baskets full of fruits and nuts are placed beneath the tree
Did you ever wonder how it came to be
history tells the story- you stole it from me

It was mine before it was yours
Nice idea you've got there, think I liked it better before
It was mine before it was yours

Every Halloween I shake my head and chuckle quietly
little ghosts and goblins on my street
like the jack-o-lanterns perched outside of every door
it's obvious to me as trick or treat

Then there's Easter Sunday
You've got to be kidding me!

Every time I see the Catholics line up for communion
or pledge their love in sickness and in health
The priest raises the chalice and I really have to smile
they think they thought that up all by themselves

Coral Castle

I will build a kingdom out of broken dreams
and I will build a castle for my sweet sixteen
I will labor hard and labor all alone
moving sixty-thousand pound blocks of solid stone

I never saw the fifth of the academic grades
but I know the secrets of the ancient ways
I will cut a million pounds of stone and stack them
three stories high to build my love a home
If she'll come back to me

In the coral castle I will wait for my love
In the coral castle I will watch the sky above
In the coral castle I will watch for my love

I will wait within these coral walls
And continue working until my lover calls
and if outsiders start to peer though gates I've locked up tight
I will move my coral castle in a single night

In the coral castle...

No children visit me today the gates have all been closed
And very soon I'll see the realm where everybody goes
In the distance is the finest place I've ever seen
Where I will spend eternity with my sweet sixteen

In the coral castle...


St Ives

As I was walking to St Ives, I met a man with seven wives
the seven wives had seven sacks, and each sack were seven cats
sacks, cats, wives, and I, how many were going to St Ives?



I knew a girl way down in Key West
Never bothered to put on her sunday best
Sleeping on the rooftop, Living in the streets
Nowhere for a fifteen year old girl to be

Sunshine won't shine today

Sunshine's mother doesn't miss her
Her daddy's strung out and he won't come down to earth
Wonder's if she'll ever leave the scene, but then
Someone once said you can never go home again

Sunshine won't shine today

Sunshine wonders where the day went
hustled 20 bucks but now thats all been spent
Woke up in the morning desperate for a fix
She knows a guy who will hook her up, but she needs it quick