Photo, P2P, and Intellectual Property

As a general rule, Featherscale supports file sharing and open usage over the insane tangle that copyright law has turned into.  We do copyright all of our music and promo material, and we take those rights seriously, but we don't see any reason to be jackasses about it.  As long as you aren't making money off of us, we're pretty cool with stuff.

Recording / Photography
We allow people to record / photograph our shows, but with the understanding that we get the right to use any pictures, video, tapes, etc for our own purposes.  Naturally, we are willing to give credit and / or links if asked.  We also don't allow commercial use unless we've given specific permission in writing first.

File Sharing
We totally support sharing our music with your friends, provided that you meet a couple specific conditions:
     1-  You're not allowed to charge anything.
     2-  You have to point people to our website, either by writing the URL on the CD, or encoding it into the ID3 tags.
     3-  You're not allowed to use our music to promote anything but us.    
     4-  We'd appreciate it if you'd throw a couple bucks our way, and encourage others to do the same.

Podcast / Broadcast
Yes, you are allowed to play our music on our radio show, just drop us a line and let us know.  Again, no using us for promoting other stuff.  If you want to use our material in a movie or TV show, please contact us first.

Fan Art
If you want to make a video of us for Youtube, paint our portraits, sample or remix our music, or do some other fan art, you're more than welcome to.  Again, please let us know, and you're not allowed to use our stuff for commercial purposes (including ad revenue) without our express written permission first.