We want to thank our number one fan, Cassie, for playing roadie and doing other grunt work. Her mom is a friend of the band at Thanks also to Mike's wife Kathy, who took most of the photos on this site, and also for putting up with us making noise in the basement every week. Mike also wants to thank Line6 for making truly awesome gear, and hopes that if he repeats this enough, they'll give him an endorsement deal. Just saying.

Here are a few of the performers we love to listen to and hang out with:

Jenna Greene: Jenna plays many of the same events we do, and we back each other up when we can. Jenna also sings backup on Gypsy Heart.

Robert McClung: Our occasional fiddle and balalaika player, who keeps himself busy with teaching and recording others, as well as several of his own projects. Rob is also an exceptional producer, and worked on Gypsy Heart.

Carl Nickerson and Fote: Carl fills in for us from time to time, and has been a regular, occasional, or honorary member of every band Mike's had for the last 20 years. Djoliba Kan is his full time project.

Frenchy and the Punk: Formerly known as the Gypsy Nomads- A great sort of tribal gypsypunk duo.

SJ Tucker: One of our favorite acts. Also performs with her band, Tricky Pixie.

Celia: Another amazing musician, Celia gained recognition for her song "Symbol".  Celia also performs as the Trestlefoote Fairy, something not to be missed.


While you're at it, check out some of our favorite places and organizations:

A Sacred Place: Over 40 acres of beautiful land near Canaan NH, dedicated to providing a natural setting for festivals, ritual, education, and spiritual pursuits.

Laurelin Farm: Similar to ASP, but located in Bethel VT.  Home of Kirk White, author, elder, and founder of Cherry Hill Seminary.

Pagan Pride Project Central site for Pagan Pride nationwide!

And of course, some of the outlets that help support Pagan music in general:

Pagan FM: Dee is a longtime friend of the band, and plays our music on her radio show- Saturday THURSDAY nights on WSCA 106.1, live, straming, or podcast. The Witches' Voice: One of the first, and best resources out there for Pagans of all stripes.

The Wild Hunt: Jason Pitzl-Waters' blog is one of the most read and respected among the Pagan blogosphere. Check it out- you won't be dissapointed.