Featherscale conjures a blend of acoustic and electric sounds to create their own brand of rock with undercurrents of blues, metal, and big helping of the Celtic folk music they grew up with. Their show is the fire ringed by laughter, song, and stories, where the horn never runs dry, and the night goes on forever.

The band originally started as Mike's solo project for the RPM Challenge- Written and recorded in February of 2009, Topaz Stars in a Violet Sky continued the work begun with his earlier albums Sunshine and Imbolc and Ice. Shortly afterwards, he recruited Amber to play backup during live shows, with multi-instrumentallist Robert McClung of Telergy regularly sitting in. With the addition of longtime friend Tim on guitar, they began collaborating on original material and added Justin to the lineup in the early summer of 2010.  Over the next few years, they headlined such events as NYC Pagan Pride, and were frequent guests on WSCA 106.1's Pagan FM show.  

Featherscale played throughout New England and beyond through 2013, releasing their album Gypsy Heart in 2011.  Regular members Tim and Justin split off in the spring of 2014, and Mike spent the next couple years working on solo material while Amber went back to school.  A followup to Gypsy Heart is partly completed, and will feature several members of the old lineup.


Featherscale is:

Michael Dolan- Vocals, Guitar, "other"
Once known as The Reverend Rat, Mike has been making music for longer than he cares to admit. As the primary songwriter of the group, Mike composed most of the material on Gypsy Heart, as well as writing and singlehandedly performing all the songs on Topaz Stars. In addition to making music, Mike is an artist and woodworker, served on the Council of Elders for A Sacred Place, and is the co-founder of The Magickal Marketplace & Psychic Faire, New England's largest metaphysical faire.


With assistance from:


Amber Lee Meagher- Drums and Percussion
Amber has had a love of drumming since the age of ten, when she first saw a live performance. Although she owes much of her background to jazz, she also counts the Dave Matthews Band, Cars, and Rustic Overtones as strong influences. Among other things, Amber is a dedicated mom, a dog person, and a writer of slightly trashy romances.

Jenna Greene- Vocals
A renowned performer in her own right, Jenna is a long time friend of the band and occasionally joins us on stage whenever we are lucky enough to be playing the same events. She also lends her vocal talents to a few of the tracks on Gypsy Heart.  Her CD, Wild Earth Child, as well as her debut album, Crossroads have been featured on radio and podcasts nationwide.  You can hear her at her website: www.greeneladymusic.com

Robert McClung-  Violin, Mandolin, Balalaika
A longtime veteran of the NH music scene, Rob has played with dozens of bands. His credentials include gigs, session work, and touring with Dee Snyder, the Commitments, the Makem Brothers, and members of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Hawkwind, and King's X.  Rob served as producer on Gypsy Heart.  In addition, he released his solo album Dust Covered Man, in 2005 and The Exodus and Legend of Goody Cole as Telergywww.robertmcclung.net

Carl Nickerson- Percussion

Mike's brother-in-law and longtime friend, Carl is an expert drummer with a masters degree in music and formal training in styles ranging from classical and jazz to modern art rock like Rush and Yes.
Carl's true love is the hand drumming of West Africa. He has studied under some of the world's master drummers and teaches a style known as Melenke at his studio, where he also gives group and private lessons.  Carl has played with Fote, Kulu, and Djolimba Kan- hand drumming ensembles known for performing traditional songs of West Africa- primarily Guinea, Mali, and the Ivory Coast. He also likes Guinness and squids. www.studiokereya.com


Past Members;

Tim Clark- Guitar and Banjo
Over the years, Tim has played with styles from industrial noise and hardcore to Celtic traditionals.  A longtime friend, he played with Mike in Speed of Dark and at many open mic nights and festivals. Tim is our crowd's "resident computer guy", and founder of an evil cult that plans to take over the world.  Tim left the band in 2014.


Justin Hunt- Bass and Mandolin
Once a body double for the crown prince of a small South American nation, Justin was forced to flee the country during a coup which led to chaos, UN sanctions, and ultimately a successful revolution by the country's entire population of capybaras- the world's largest rodent, and by that time, the nation's most committed citizens.  Although he has played with Featherscale for over two years, he still has never submitted a band bio, and Mike has, for the second time, just had to write a silly one for him.  Justin left the band in 2014.